On Bloglovin’ and my Impromptu Haitus

As usual, instead of doing any actual important work for college (sure it’s not like I have two presentations next week and two big papers due in a few weeks…), I spent ages this morning trying to figure out how to join Bloglovin’.

Bloglovin’ is basically a blog reader app/site where you can read blogs on loads of different platforms all in one place. I’ve found it really handy so far, mostly because I’m terrible at remembering to go onto different blogs on a regular basis and then have a huge backlog of posts to get through.

I’ve also been really absent from writing here – the last post or two were really intense in terms of negative/hurtful feedback (both here and from some now ex-friends on Facebook), so I just wasn’t in the best headspace for it I guess. I’ve also been up to my eyes with the kids that I mind – they’re a serious handful, but the job is really rewarding.

I’ll hopefully write some more one the stress of procrastinating college has gone – I think I might re-work my essays into blogs too, as well as the presentation I’m doing for my Space, Place and Gender module. So expect upcoming blogs on the transformation of an everyday space after experiences of sexual assault, how the X and C cases shaped women’s lives in Ireland in the 1990s, and another one on an essay title I have yet to pick (I swear I can be really organised at times – I’m just really into sleeping and My Kitchen Rules lately…)

Anyway, thank you lovely people for your patience and if you use Bloglovin’ give me a look there

<a href=”http://www.bloglovin.com/blog/12083467/?claim=69by2jank2z”>Follow my blog with Bloglovin</a>


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