Intro to Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Eating Disorder Awareness Week (EDAW) is often misunderstood. Because obviously, we all know that eating disorders are a thing – we don’t exactly need to be made aware of their existence and the fact that they’re pretty shit.

But there are a lot of myths and misconceptions about eating disorders, and EDAW is maybe one of the best times to clear some things up, as well as talk candidly about the realities of eating disorders and the whole recovery journey.

My aim this week is to create and curate a series of blogs about different aspects of eating disorders and the recovery process – while I’ll be writing most of them, others will be written by people I know in support groups and real life who have more lived experience regarding certain aspects of EDs and recovery.

These blogs and pieces of writing have the potential to be triggering, but numbers and specific behaviours will not be discussed in detail.

There are some of you reading this who know about the shit that I’ve dealt/been dealing with, and there are others for whom this could possibly come as a surprise. Making yourself vulnerable and putting this kind of thing out there is, honestly, terrifying. Especially when you’re maybe not doing as strong in your recovery as you would like. But I know that it does good. I know that I have gained strength and felt a little less lonely from reading other people’s accounts of what they’ve struggled with, and I hope that maybe this series of blogs will help others. At the very least, they’ll hopefully reduce some of the stigma surrounding mental illnesses and eating disorders. And really, that’s what this week is all about.


Bodywhys is Ireland’s eating disorder association. There are many ways to get in touch with them if you need to talk to somebody – via email, phone, or weekly online support groups.


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